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Getting to Know Tampa

We’ve been so busy (me working, Eleanor prepping to go to Vermont) the past two days that we’ve hardly had a chance to explore the area. Since we’ll be here two weeks, we really ought to get to know the area we are in, so today I took a break and found out where the post office is, where the grocery is, etc.

It’s a funny thing, getting acquainted with an area. When we were traveling through little towns on the California coast last December, it was easy. But big metros like Tampa are a completely different challenge. Every long 4-lane artery looks the same. We rely on our GPS database, the Internet, and local contacts to help us find what we need. Being gregarious helps.

It hasn’t all been work, however. Tonight, Emma and I again joined some local friends for …. yes … bowling. I’ve done more bowling in the past week than I have in the previous two years. My game remains pitiful, however. Emma nearly beat me. She drops the ball on the runway and it slowly meanders down the lane and knocks over a bunch of pins. I swing the ball dramatically and manage to hit only one, with the gutter bumpers up.

Emma Miata.jpg

I wanted to bring you some photos of us bowling but I was distracted by Eleanor not feeling well again, and so I left the camera at home. Instead, I snapped a shot of Emma by Barry’s hot little Miata with my cameraphone. This cameraphone takes what are likely the world’s worst pictures.

We are all stressed by Eleanor’s continuing allergy problems, and they would prevent us from doing much outside this week. So I am glad she is flying to the land of low pollen count tomorrow morning (Vermont). Hopefully she will return with a better prescription medicine in hand. In the meantime, my bachelor friends are compiling ideas of what we should do while they are gone, and I am compiling lists of fixes and upgrades I want to make to the Tour trailer. The idea of retrofitting a HEPA filter into the A/C has been dropped — there’s no room in there. But I’m still working on other ideas. I’ll document the work that gets done this week.