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Rob Baker volunteers

This morning I got an early email from Rob Baker (co-host of the Vintage Airstream Podcast) offering to take the call from our scammer Valecia, AKA Dr. Lilian Williams AKA Alvaro Mendoza.

So Ayres wrote back to the “shipping clerk”:

OK I have a lot of questions so call me at 703 ***-*****. I don’t like Western Union, maybe we can work something out. I still have the check too because I didn’t get to the bank yet, and I still have a bad case of aluminitus and the doctor says it could get worse and become bauxitis.

And Ayres wrote back to “Dr Lilian” too:

I didnt deposit the check yet so dont worry. Dont call the cops because my unckle is a cop and he will kill me. Im already in trouble with him because of the car accident. He had to hide the police report again for me. Still sick but I will get to the bank soon. I email your shipper today too.

Meanwhile, Rob and I have been collaborating on things to say during the phone call. I am hoping he’ll be able to record it. If so, I’ll either type up a transcript or provide an MP3 file for downloading.

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