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Here we are again ... JFK International Airport, NY, NY.

I am reminded of the joke they used to tell in the south. "It doesn't matter if you are going to heaven or hell ... you'll still have to connect in Atlanta." These days, it's JFK for us, because that's where JetBlue goes, and that's the airline of choice out of Burlington VT.


Weather along the southern coast of California is pretty much like we left: peaking around 60, mostly sunny. Our big plan is to roam southward along Rt 1 to Big Sur, Hearst Castle, San Luis Obispo, and other coastal areas. Timeline? Haven't got one. Reservations? Nope.

Everyone tells me that towing down Route 1 should be a challenge. I've driven it before, so I have an idea of what to expect. After I-70 in western Colorado, California Rt 20 through the Tahoe National Forest, the entrance roads to Arches NP and Colorado National Monument, and coastal Rt 101 in Oregon, I'm not sweating it. Looks like fun to me!


That look on Eleanor's face is priceless. I hope that's because of JFK and not RL...

Hey Rich, Eleanor looks thrilled to be flying again....enjoy. Safe travels!

Eleanor says that's the look that says "Why are you taking a picture of me eating???"

Moo shoo pork and cabbage on a bed of vintage styrofoam (c.late 2005), laminated formica dinner table, tasteless art-deco reproduction metal chair, the ambience of a densely woven olefin fiber floor covering, any wonder the natural woman Eleanor has that Mona Lisa smile ?

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