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1952 Cruiser pictures

You asked for them, you got them! I just uploaded a new album to Flickr with a bunch more photos of our 1952 Cruiser project. You'll see it's pretty rough inside, but wait ... in six months this trailer will be awesome!

Rob is towing it up to Plattsburgh later this month so Colin's team at GSM Vehicles can get started on it. We'll start a separate blog for it around then. The plan is to have it ready for the International Rally in Salem Oregon by late June. Not much time! We'll have to hustle.


Rich, that looks like a center bath floorplan. Are you going to stay with that, or move things around?

"And they all laughed as I picked up the rivet gun and buffer..." (... and handed them to Colin! :-)

Yes, it will be "project vintage lightening", while the old interior is being ripped out ...

Put in era-appropriate interior features, and you'll have "vintage cabernets". (sorry, I couldn't resist)

Would you consider calling it "projet Flash Gordon"? Add an AC unit on the roof (like a backpack) and a stabilizer fin on the front roof, and you'll be further celebrating the early 20th century. Just pass on having sparks fly out the back end, it'll scare other motorists!

Short answer, Terry: we don't yet know. I strongly suspect we will stick with the center bath but we have to figure out how to make the wet bath/shower more usable. I like the rear bedroom and want to keep it. But there will be a lot of engineering work to do in the next few weeks.

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