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Balmorhea State Park, TX

West Texas is so vast that it would probably be its own state if anyone lived here.

We decided not to push hard on the drive to Big Bend, so we came as far as this little state park. It's the kind of place that defines "middle of nowhere". The centerpiece of this park is a large natural spring, which forms a giant swimming pool that is 72 to 76 degrees year-round.

While I'm catching up on work for two days, Eleanor and Emma may gather their courage and go for a little swim, or even some snorkeling. Snorkeling in Texas? Yes, and if the water is clear enough we may even see some fish.

Bert & Janie arrived a few hours before us, but they are going to head to Marathon tomorrow to meet another friend. (That may be only an excuse, so they don't have to go swimming!) We'll all rendezvous in Big Bend over the weekend, probably in Rio Grande Village. Tomorrow I'll take some photos of this Balmorhea State Park and give you a report.

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