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Welcome new readers!

Hey, I just noticed we were featured in the Full Time RV'er newsletter this month. About 100 new people have started reading the blog as a result, so I wanted to say "Welcome!" and give you some pointers to information in this blog that may be helpful to you.

First off, if you are searching for something specific, try the "Search" box in the left column. We've talked about a lot of topics related to full-timing over the past seven months, so you'll probably find the answers you want there. As of today, we have posted over 190 times.

Second, you should definitely read through all the Tips and Ideas entries.

Third, feel free to use the "Comments" link below every post to ask questions, or add your thoughts to anything we have said. Your comments are really helpful, not only to us, but to other readers of the blog. Let us know what you'd like us to talk about.

You might also want to browse the photo albums we've posted online. We have hundreds of photos for your enjoyment. They are organized by location, so if there's a particular place you are interested in (especially western parks), check the Pictures link.

Finally, if you'd like to meet up and talk in person, check our Schedule page for the details. We plan to cover the entire USA coast-to-coast at least two more times this year, so eventually we'll be somewhere near you!


Hi Rich, Check out this link in SC of you like rivers and kayaks/canoe. Their place is right across the river (easy walk) from the state park. They have all kinds of trips even if you don't use the treehouses. Also look at just south of Charleston. They have a water park, climbing wall, hiking trails, etc.

Lee Benson, Carthage, IN
Working on the bus

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