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Building momentum

As I mentioned in yesterday's blog, we are heading to Crater Lake National Park this morning. It looks like we will spend a night or two just outside the park at Diamond Lake and then head up to Bend for a few days. There's a lot to do in Bend that we are looking forward to.

The really cool part about our travels the past couple of weeks has been the momentum we can feel building toward the International Rally gathering. The rally events are not what we go for -- we go to see friends who will be attending. And as I've mentioned before, some of those friends are going to join us for a caravan from Salem OR to Montana.

Carol B just emailed this morning: she's leaving from her home in Michigan this morning. Rich C called this morning from the road 10 miles south of Salem OR. Brett is flying out on the 29th to stay with us a few days. Adam and Susan are still at work in Boston but they'll be coming out around July 1. And Rich C has two friends who are flying into Seattle and renting a car so they can follow along (they'll sleep in Rich's trailer).

All of us (except Brett) are going to depart the International Rally together on July 4 or 5 to begin the caravan to Glacier National Park. When we get there, we'll meet Bert & Janie Gildart, too. We are really looking forward to that. Airstreaming is much more fun when we can share the experience with good friends.

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