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International Rally, Day Two, Part II

It's still hot but tolerable. 90 or so is a lot better than 102 ...

Salem row.jpg

Dave wrote: did the airstream folks repair your door latch as scheduled this morning?

Nope, we never heard from them. I knew this was a possibility, since I know they are working on emergencies first. Originally I was not expecting them until later this week, so I was surprised to see them yesterday. They have my cell phone # and I'm sure eventually we'll connect.

Dave also asked: any idea when we will hear about the biggest descision to hit the club since it's inception?

He's referring to the name change vote. That will be decided by the delegates on Friday. I was originally led to believe that it was up to the IBT (International Board of Trustees) but in fact it is up to the delegates. I'll try to be there when the vote occurs.

The new trailer area and the Airstream store were hopping today. It's very nice to be able to browse the new units indoors. They have several new 25FB's out, in addition to the new 27FB, and several Classics. I bought a few latches in the Airstream store to replace ones that broke, but otherwise restrained myself.

Salem new trailers.jpg

Rich got parked this morning and registered this afternoon, so he's legal now. While waiting in line to get Emma signed up for the kids' program, we met up with our friends Terry and Mike Scherkenbach. Mike (in the blue shirt) posed in front of the board that shows how many registrations there are. As of 4 pm Monday there were 833 units registered.

Salem registrations.jpg

After registration time, Rich, Mike, and a friend named Sam parked themselves in our trailer for a couple of hours, talking. Carol came by today with her new puppy, which Emma and her friend promptly wore out. He crawled under the Nissan and fell asleep.

Salem puppy.jpg

And at 5 pm we headed over to Vintage happy hour and met up with a lot of friends. I was too busy catching up with people and (later) selling back issues of the magazine to take pictures, but I did catch one shot of Rich Charpentier talking to Joe in front of Dr Norman Holman, Jr's 1935 Airstream Torpedo. By the way, in about ten minutes among the vintage owners, I sold all of my last six sets of back issues. Those were the last full sets we had. From now on, the Summer 04 and Summer 05 issues are collector's items.

Tonight they are having some opening event but I'm skipping it to catch up on work. Tomorrow the official program really kicks off, with a lot of seminars and events. Eleanor and Emma may take the morning to attend a kid event. We'll be having an open house at 2pm and Bob Wheeler and Larry Huttle will be speaking at 3 pm. Other than that, I plan to wing it.

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