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Lake Almanor, Chester CA

It is beautiful here, but I hardly saw any of it today. Neither did Rich C. We spent the day hunkered down in front of our laptops, working on various projects. My major breaks were taken when I had phone calls; then I was free to wander around the campground while talking.

Emma was working too. She was practicing reading with Eleanor, and around lunchtime she came and read me a short silly story about ducks in a tub. So we all made progress on something.

We did get a nice family walk (with Rich C) along the shore around 7 pm, after grilling some dinner outside. We saw eagles soaring in slow circles above the shoreline, and watched the beginning of the sunset over the water. This really is a great and peaceful place to camp.

Given that (a) it is gorgeous here by the shore of Lake Almanor; (b) we're having great weather (dry, sunny, 70s); (c) we aren't in any hurry, we have decided to stay one more night. Tomorrow I hope my phone won't ring much and there won't be any problems with the website or store ... so I can take a day off to explore the nearby town of Chester and get you some photos of this really great spot.


If you stick around Almanor much longer, you might be tempted to take up flyfishing. There are some terrific streams that flow from Mt. Lassen that have lots of wild trout. Also, the forks of the Feather River are wonderful places to visit and fish.


Could you tell us the name of the campground you are currently staying in at Lake Almanor? It sounds idyllic and the pics are gorgeous


The campground was "North Shore Campground", just north of Chester CA. Recommended!

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