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Mountain Family RV, Reno NV

Camping at a dealership is always an interesting experience. Today everyone was setting up for a big sale they are having this weekend, so I went out this morning and lent a hand with chairs and giant balloons. I also "tested" the enormous inflatable slide they have set up for the kids.

Rich Charpentier arrived this afternoon and we parked him right next to us. We're sharing a 15-amp power circuit. Neither of us have a water hookup because the water here is not potable. Fortunately, we always arrive with a full fresh water tank.

Reno mybambi.jpg
Dr. Leary and his new license plate

I met this happy new Airstream owner today: Dr Leary. I bet you can't tell what model Airstream he just bought...

Rich was busy drooling over the new Safari Special 25FB that the guys parked right in front of our trailers. He even went to the point of asking Jon Whipple, the owner, about it, but less than an hour later it was sold to someone else. Sorry Rich, gotta move faster next time!

The wind here is fierce. The people at the dealership say it is typical. South of us is the Washoe Valley, and the winds are funnelled up the valley regularly. When we came in yesterday, there was a sign saying "Strong crosswinds: Campers and Trailers Not Advised". We had no trouble, but since then we've been told that often the road is closed to high-profile vehicles due to wind. In any case, we've had to keep our awning in the short "rally" position, and close it at night.

Eleanor and Emma went out shopping for a while. Eleanor needs new glasses and Emma needs new shoes. I hung back to do some work. We've got wi-fi here courtesy of the dealership, and I want to make the most of it. I'm using the wireless repeater that I bought in Myrtle Beach, to extend the signal from the main building, and it is working well.

Tonight's movie: Chicken Little. I made the popcorn. We also spent some time planning the next few weeks of our trip, and I hope to have that nailed down tomorrow. I'm emailing people along our route tonight to get suggestions and courtesy parking. With all that, the great Uno re-match that Emma and Rich C have been waiting for has been postponed to Saturday.

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