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Dinner at the Ram Restaurant

Last night was a total blast. We visited the Vintage happy hour again for a few minutes, and I teased the crowd by giving Ed Emerick, the new VAC president, an advance copy of the Summer 06 Airstream Life, which came by FedEx yesterday. They had a ukelele band practicing for an upcoming rally on the flatbed of a antique truck.

Salem uke band.jpg

Afterwards we gathered with everyone who didn't have any food in their coach (or were staying in a hotel) and headed to a recommended restaurant in town. In the picture you can see (L to R), Adam, Susan, Emma, Eleanor, Steve, Robert, Colin, and Brett. I'm standing on a chair to take the photo ...

Salem Ram dinner.jpg

Dinner was a blast, with lots of raucous conversation, and around 9 we headed back to our trailer to talk more. Rich C showed up, too. We ended up gabbing to about 11 p.m. before we finally wrapped it up and got Emma to bed. It was a great night with some great friends ... and I'll be sorry to see Colin and Steve fly out tomorrow.

Today the schedule is barren of things we are interested in (knitting, party bridge, amateur radio, prostate CA "the miracle beam", scrapbooking, teen queen talent judging, computer class, a few luncheons -- these are actual items on the program today, and they wonder why "young people" aren't interested in the club). So we are probably going to organize a day out somewhere.

Salem Eleanor Ram.jpg


I agree with the comment about not much to do on the 'agenda'. It appears that there may be some 'subversion' afoot at Airstreamforums to see if we can start some changes from within. We ended up just shopping around today instead of going to a 'seminar' where a bunch of the senior men would argue about things.

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