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International Rally, Day Seven

Yeah, I know it's Sunday but we've got to work sometime. Brett and I spent much of the day meeting with potential advertisers for the magazine. As a result, there's not much to tell, other than the fact that we probably have two new advertisers.

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The schedule today had not much on it (choir assembly, teen queen practice, Skymed seminar, bean bag baseball lessons...) and so many people bailed out for more interesting things. Eleanor and Emma hit Wal-Mart ... yee ha!

I noticed a lot of happy hours at 4 pm, also. We were invited to two of them, so we had to skip around a bit, and then I ended up at Adam and Susan's with Brett and Rich C, while Eleanor, Emma, and Robert went to see the Teen Queen Pageant. Robert called it a "piece of Americana" and said he wouldn't miss it. Eleanor always goes because "those girls work really hard," and she likes to be supportive. I always stay home, because by the time the pageant comes around, I'm usually looking for a quiet night.

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