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Last Day In Victor

Sorry for the shortage of pictures lately. It has been hectic this week, with work, equipment trouble, and having to commute back and forth to the Public Library. Sometimes the Internet works at the campground, but mostly it doesn't, or it drops out at inconvenient times. And I've had to concentrate on the Fall magazine most of the week. So I haven't had much opportunity to take out the camera and document this town. Mostly I'm working.

Emma has been completely occupied the past two days with the girls from next door, Rebecca and Susannah. Their parents (David and Laura) invited us over for dinner last night and we took the opportunity to cook up that giant salmon that Eleanor and Susan bought back in Montana. David and Laura chipped in shrimp and ice cream.

Once again we stayed up late yakking and comparing great places to go. Yup, we've made another set of new friends. That's one of the best things about being "on the road". We'll stay in touch via email and probably see them again when we get to Florida in December.

Today is the fourth day of catching up on stuff I thought would only take two days. I'm still behind where I'd like to be, but regardless, we need to get over to Denver and we are leaving tomorrow morning. I'll have to find some time next week in either Estes Park or Aurora (the two places we expect to land while we are in northern Colorado).

We're certainly not tired of Victor. There are still cafes to explore, the drive-in movie theater, and a lot of interesting back roads to drive. I love the dry climate. I can see why we keep running into people who are settling here, after years of being seasonal residents. And Emma will never get tired of the swimming pool.

Tomorrrow's route should be scenic, from here to I-80. Thereafter I don't expect much. We're hoping to get somewhere east of Rock Springs, WY by Friday night. Blog reader Roger wrote in to say the Rock Springs was only memorable because he lost an window on his Airstream there. Let's hope that doesn't happen to us --we're already using enough spare equipment as it is!

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