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The Group Disperses

Monday was a chance for everyone to figure out their new plans. Since Bert & Janie are leaving today for up to five months, we have decided to leave the rest of Glacier for another visit.

Susan and Adam decided to start heading south toward Wyoming. They only have a few more days before they have to park the C and fly home, and they would like to see some of Yellowstone. They left Monday afternoon.

We are going to follow them today (Tuesday) and catch up in Yellowstone on Wednesday. Tonight we've got a nice state park picked out in southern Montana.

Rich C is going to go the same way, but he's already left early this morning. We should re-group with him tonight. His friends Tom and Shane decided to head up to Banff for a few days, so other than a brief visit yesterday afternoon, we won't be seeing them. They will be flying back out of Seattle this weekend.

Bert & Janie are leaving this morning too. We are both parked in the driveway, hitched up and just about ready to go. Watching Bert & Janie, I am reminded of how much work it is to get an entire house secured before an extended trip. They've been checking items off their lists for days, arranging for mail forwarding, turning off appliances and water, setting out supplies for contingencies ... it seems endless. We used to do that too, before every trip.

My major prep was putting in a 12-hour day at the "office" yesterday. The World Headquarters of Airstream Life magazine were located in Bert & Janie's living room for the day, where I could borrow his broadband Internet connection. I like having a portable office. Everything I need, including whatever current projects and paperwork I have, fits in a medium-sized blue backpack. I just sling it over my shoulder and head to my dinette, the local coffee shop, or a lawn chair outside.

If Emma wakes up soon, we'll be able to follow Bert & Janie for a few miles, but Emma seems determined to sleep in today. We'll be the last people here in the driveway today, looking forward to seeing our friends again tonight and tomorrow for more adventures.

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