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Richmond, IN

Almost there ... another long day but the marathon is nearly over.

Along the way, we stopped at the famous gateway arch in St Louis. Or was it?

St Louis arch.jpg

... and then we parked for the night by a giant bowling pin. It's a day for giant fakes, I guess.

Richmond bowling pin.jpg

I forgot to mention that while in Creede at the rally I met up with David Tidmore of Roger Williams Airstream and picked up our new aluminum rim, hub cover, and a replacement Centramatic balancer. Thus our equipment is once again complete. I just need to get the spare tire mounted on this new rim and put the steel rim we are currently using back into the spare carrier.

David also inspected the lug bolts that I took out of the wheel when we had that breakdown in Green River, WY. The bolt that broke definitely had been overtightened. He showed me the stretched threads -- they were easy to see. Interestingly, none of the other five bolts I removed from that wheel showed any signs of thread stretching, so they may have been fine, but I’m glad I removed them as a precaution anyway.


Giant fakes, indeed! Don't you love the weirdness along the American highway? has a list of the wierd spots along most of the roads of America.
As for the broken stud, and remaining studs, it is better to err on the side of caution.

That's interesting, we had a wheel, tire, & brake drum totally separate from our vehicle. The manufacturer told us that it was way overtorqued and interestingly enough the studs had no pulled threads or cracks.

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