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Bailey Island, ME

The tattered remnants of Hurricane Ernesto have arrived here in Maine, shortly after we did. We pulled in late Friday night and our unwanted neighbor Ernesto started to show himself on Saturday, with cool wind and gray skies.

As Adam says, "Maine is always nice, no matter what the weather." And it is. We are once again in Adam and Susan's lovely cottage and taking our semi-annual break from the Airstream. The last time we left it was January in San Diego.


It's not that the Airstream gets tiresome. Our constantly changing scenery keeps us from getting bored or confined. But moving out once in a while gives us new perspective and helps us re-evaluate whether it's time to move into a house. (Or, it keeps us from wanting a house.)


Last night Emma took out the Monopoly game and asked us to play with her, so we did. It turns out Monopoly is pretty handy for teaching math! We may be playing again.

Our Google Earth location (note: fixed 9/4/06)


Well, is it time to move into a house? What is the long term outlook regarding fulltiming? Rich, I also wanted to let you know that I've ordered a 2007 25' Classic with stacked windows to the right of the door, vista views and stacked windows in the bedroom and all upgrades except the solar package which I add myself. should be built mid-September. Take care.

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