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Going down to the dock to buy lobsters off the boat is just about as classic a Maine experience as you can have.

Bailey Island harbor.jpg

We headed down to the tiny harbor 1/2 mile from here, where the boats come in to Glen's Lobsters every day after checking their traps all around the island.

Bailey Island lobsters uncooked.jpg

We bought six 1-1/4 lb lobsters right off the boat for $42. The guy who sold them to us wasn't sure if we had five or six in the bag, so we let them out in the bed of his pickup truck to re-count.

Bailey Island steaming lobsters.jpg

Adam has an outdoor lobster cooker, powered by propane. We steamed them in a stainless basket. This looks like a good accessory for our Airstream ... if I could find a place to store it!

Bailey Island lobsters cooked.jpg

Then Adam placed them all on the deck to cool, like fresh-baked pies ...

Bailey Island cleaning lobsters.jpg

... and not long after, Eleanor and Emma helped pick out all the meat. We'll save it until tomorrow, for a special dinner. This weekend both Adam & Susan and Eleanor & I will be celebrating our anniversaries. We've been married 13 years.


Thanks for running these photos. I feel like I just went to a clambake! I live in Boston and love visiting Maine but I didn't get to any clambakes this summer.

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