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Ayres goes to the hospital

He's not giving up yet! "Richard" has taken over for "Dr. Lilian" but otherwise everything seems the same:

>From: richard williams
>Subject: Re: FW: Fwd: ATTENTION PLS!!!
>Date: Sun, 22 Oct 2006 08:35:00 -0700 (PDT)
> i seem not to understand what you are doing anymore,u said you cant use western union which is the faster and most comfortable way to send money and that the only way velecia can get the money and come for the car,i have given you much time,if you can take the money to western union and send it then you should be able to do it online,just take cash to western union and write down the information i gave you and take it to western union and tell them you are to send the money to the information thats all, then after that you send me the information used to send the money like the MTCN number,full name and address of sender and the exact amount sent.i will be expecting your reply as soon as possible.
> richard williams

Ayres has written back:
Thx for the call. I had a dr appt today and he palpated my vulkem and said it was sticky which means I have to go to the hospital for bauxitus. Its not too serious I think but I will be out a few days and off email. Went to the bank also and they said the check has the wrong # of digits in the routing number so they cant cash it. They said your accountant must of made a mistake. So while I am in the hospital can you send a new check and when Im out on Friday Ill bring it to the bank rigth away and send you the money the way you want it. Let me know.

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