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Columbia, MD

Jane says for me to tell all of you that this was the best stop ever. It certainly has been good to see our old friends/co-workers. I was very closely aligned with our friends here, through business, for about nine years. We traveled everywhere together: Orlando, Las Vegas, Tel Aviv, Italy, London, etc... and so even though they aren't Airstreamers (yet!) we have a common bond in many other ways.

Columbia group photo.jpg

We all went out for dinner this evening at a local Italian place. Seafood pizza? Mmmmm... only in Maryland.

Columbia HS and Emma.jpg

Herschel gave Emma a short ride on his shoulders after dinner. He took me for a 2.5 mile walk, roundtrip, today. Can you believe this is a guy who is currently undergoing chemotherapy for cancer? His powerfully optimistic outlook is absolutely amazing.

We have had a system failure today: our water heater won't go on. It worked the day before yesterday. So we'll need to make a stop at an RV dealer, or an Airstream dealer if we want it covered under warranty.


Rich, the water heater issue was recently discussed in another online venue, and Airstream customer support says to try a toothpick soaked in rubbing alcohol to clean the gunk out of the burner holes.

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