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Easton, CT

Bwater Emma raking.jpg

Since we stayed with Mike and Bonnie a few days, we tried to do a few things to repay our hosts. Thursday night I helped Mike get his DVD recorder working, and also taught him how to burn CDs on his elderly PC (but it's not obsolete, according to Mike, since it still does everything he wants it to do!) Emma pitched in with a little morning raking and then we headed down I-95 through Rhode Island and Connecticut.

One "gotcha" with repeated courtesy parking is finding a dump station. In the northeast this can be tricky, especially this time of year when state parks are closing. Our nearest state park was Massasoit, but it was closed to camping. We couldn't find another spot so we arrived at Don & Amanda's with holding tanks half full. Fortunately, we have access to their septic system, which solves the problem.

Easton VT.jpg

We are parked right by our former trailer, Vintage Thunder. The trailer still looks fabulous. The paint is really holding up beautifully. Not a nick on it that I could see. The more I see that blue-green color, the more it grows on me, especially in bright sunlight.

Once again we've got a nice level spot in the driveway with fall foliage raining down all around us. Easton is a rural town outside of Bridgeport, in southern Connecticut -- not much to do, but quiet and pretty. Emma and Donal immediately latched onto each other, and we hung out with Don and Amanda, and everyone was happy. In the evening Eleanor and Emma went for take-out Indian food and we spread it all over their enormous dining room table and had a feast.

Easton pano.jpg
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Rich, as far as I can tell, all Flying J truck stops have RV dump stations. They don't seem too plentiful in the Northeast, but are almost everywhere else. If you ever need one, you can go to
Happy dumping, and make sure the hose is securely mounted on the flange before pulling the valve...

Howdy Rich, et. al. -

I think you may have plugged it before, but is worth folks keeping in mind when looking for dump stations.

New England is definitely short on dump stations (and particularly short on free dump stations) but does list a few free dump stations at rest areas on interstates. I have yet to use any of them (and found at least one of them closed for the winter last year) but often drive thru there and hope to eventually get a chance to see if they are open in warmer weather.


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