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Nearly done downsizing

The downsizing ordeal is almost over. Yesterday Eleanor and I combined the two units into one and found that we have successfully reduced our volume of stuff by more than half. But we've still got a few things to sell, so I posted a list on the local Freecycle bulletin board and added a few things to craiglist. Both of those are great ways to get rid of stuff locally.


While we were working, Chris and Ruth Koehn popped by. They are fellow full-time Airstreamers, traveling and working with their two sons and occasionally blogging the experience. Yes, it really can be done -- we're not the only ones!

Right now the Koehns are housesitting in the Burlington area for a little while, but they'll be back on the road again soon. We are hoping to cross paths in Mississippi in December. Chris wants some shrimp, and I want a softshelled crab po-boy. He owes me lunch, because I gave his son Ansel my unicycle when they came back today.

Unicycle riding.jpg

Brett flew in last night for a visit. He'll be with us a few days, and I plan to get him out for some foliage viewing and trip over to GSM Vehicles this week. Today he went over to storage with me and helped hand out stuff to people who came by, while Eleanor stayed home to sort through a few more boxes. Brett also took the above photo of me riding my unicycle one last time, in the rain today!


Uh-Oh. Riding around a storage the rain...on a unicycle....with a smile on your face ?

Forget Lance Armstrong; YOU need to be urine-tested.

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