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New England Sunday in Fall

I've said it before ... the best thing about traveling like this is the great friendships we develop along the way. Don and Amanda have been superb hosts during our visit, and instant friends since the moment we met them at the rally in Townshend VT. Coming here to spend the weekend has felt like visiting old friends we've known for years.

Yesterday Don shuttled me all over the area looking for a few hardware items on our list, like an extra 3/4" socket for the torque wrench, and a few things he needed to round out his toolkit. Being male, we both hated spending three hours driving around for shopping, but on the other hand, being male, we liked driving around with the top down on Don's BMW in the crisp fall weather.

I spent the day repaying the favor by helping Don re-adjust and lube his Reese hitch for better handling, and showing him how to winterize Vintage Thunder. Meanwhile, Emma and Donal were rolling down the grassy hill in what appeared to be a race, and getting covered with leaves in the process. Between chasing each other, carting around the extraordinarily patient cats, playing games, and imagining things, they had as full a day as six-year-olds can have.

It was classic Fall from start to finish: Eleanor cooked a pot roast for dinner with vegetables, rice, homemade gravy and Caesar salad, and our other new friends Rick, Sandi, and Sara (also met at the rally last weekend) came over for dinner. I am sorry I didn't capture any pictures but I was definitely on vacation. Amanda and Rick did snap a few, however, and eventually I'll get copies of those and post them here.

This afternoon we'll be continuing our southward trek, to meet Bert & Janie in New Jersey.

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