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Campground oddities

One of the perils of living in a Florida State Park: the dreaded affliction, "Lizard Butt".

Lizard butt.jpg

Another odd thing that roamed by today: the "Cruzin' Cooler". David Young, a dealer in these things, whipped by at about 13 MPH riding atop his electric cooler, towing a trailer with his dog!

St Augustine Cruzin Cooler.jpg

I can't think of a good reason I need to go 13 MPH in a campground on my cooler, but perhaps you can. If you do, a 500-watt battery powered Cruzin Cooler will cost you $349.

For our part, we will be pulling our cooler (a Dometic refrigerator installed in the Airstream) at about 65 MPH down to Kissimmee, where we have a reservation at Fort Wilderness.


It appears that the Geico gecko is attempting to crack into Emma's car insurance needs.

The idea is one person moving your cooler & it doubles as a scooter. You are not trying to get to the next state, but ridding around the area, where you have your reservation.

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