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Halloween in St Augustine

On Monday we noticed a new arrival in the state park, right next to us: an Airstream Safari 25. After our sunset beach walk we dropped in to meet Steve, Misty, and their three-year-old daughter Brianna (and a cocker spaniel pup).

St Augustine Misty Steve.jpg

As is often the case when we meet Airstreamers, we found we had a lot in common, so they became instant friends and we made plans to take the girls into town for Halloween trick-or-treating together. Last night Emma and Brianna went out as the angel and the fairy through the old Spanish quarter of St. Augustine.

St Augustine angel fairy.jpg

We wrapped up trick-or-treating by 7:15, so we hit a local seafood restaurant, and then ended up at our Airstream. Steve and Kristy have a terrific story about how they met -- "mortuary telemarketer meets surfer airbrush artist during a sales call". The next thing we knew it was well past 11 pm and we were still talking, and the girls (both night owls as it turned out) were still playing wildly on Emma's bed.

So it was a successful evening and we've decided to spend yet another day in St. Augustine. The weather continues to be absolutely perfect and there are still more things we want to do. Fortunately, the state park is half empty during the weekdays, so there's no problem with extending. But this will be our absolute last night here -- we have reservations at Ft Wilderness in Disney World starting Thursday.

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