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Shrimp and Grits

Last April we stopped in on our friends Renee and Fred in Charleston SC for a couple of days, and they introduced us to a local specialty, "Shrimp and Grits". Ever since then, Eleanor has been wanting to try making it, and I've been wanting to eat it again.

Tampa shrimp grits prep.jpg

Since the local Sweet Bay grocery has great giant prawns, and Barry and Susan were coming over for dinner, last night became the night. It was a bit of work, but the results were terrific. (Barry and I grilled the prawns outside.) Eleanor actually combined several recipes she found online into a custom recipe of her own. We all had seconds, and even though she made a huge pot, there were no leftovers.

Tampa Emma dinette.jpg

Earlier on Friday we headed into Tampa to do an errand and go see Rich C, who is parked up at Bay Bayou. We'll be relocating up there (about 30 minutes northwest through Tampa traffic) to be closer to Brett's, on the 18th. That will make it easier to coordinate projects and Thanksgiving preparations.

Tampa E R E.jpg
Catching up with Rich C

Speaking of Thanksgiving, we are planning an all-Airstream event. It turns out that everyone who will be attending our dinner is currently living in an Airstream -- except Brett, who is supplying the apartment. That includes us, Barry, and hopefully Bert & Janie, if they can get down here soon enough. Last I heard they were exploring American history at Harper's Ferry.

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