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New shelves

Our Tampa visit is winding down. Today we are finalizing a few last things and starting to pack up. One of the last projects to get done is the installation of our new shelves.

Tampa new shelves.jpg
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They are a huge bonus for our storage. Right now you can see the laser printer sitting in the upper slide-out tray. Most of the time that tray will hold a bin for recycling, and the lower shelf will hold another bin for laundry.

The laser printer will go in when we are in a campground that doesn't offer recycling (all too often, I'm afraid), and when we are parked for long periods. (The laser printer travels in the back of the Armada.) Below the shelves we have room for shoes, and on the left are a series of hooks that hold headlamps and rally badges. This really improves our space utilization.

On the top of the counter you can see a series of terra cotta object sculpted and painted by Emma: an "boy with a hat", a basket, an "experiment pod", and a hamburger. By the way, she lost a tooth last night ... her third one.

Tampa BB parking 2.jpg
This will be our last night in Bay Bayou!

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