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Oh man, it's cold. Cold cold cold. I'm talking icicles on the trailer this morning. Frozen sewer cap. Hats and gloves while hitching up. We could be in Vermont this week and the only difference would be a few inches of snow.

Last night it was too cold to run the heat pump, and cold enough that the holding tanks had the potential to freeze, so we switched over to the furnace and started burning propane instead. The furnace blows hot air onto the holding tanks, so we really aren't in danger of a freeze-up. It would have to be much colder (probably around zero Fahrenheit) before there would be any concern.

We finally got a break in the weather today, long enough to drive on ice-free I-20 for three hundred miles to Weatherford TX. The warmest we saw all day was 30 degrees, and it's 25 now. With this funky weather pattern, it doesn't look like we'll catch a break for at least a week, and we might get more freezing rain in the next few days.

But at least we are here, parked at Roger Williams Airstream for service over the next three days. Freezing rain won't be a big concern since we have nowhere to go, and the service center has a heated bay that they'll tow us into every day. Quite a contrast however from our last visit -- it hit 100 degrees when we were here last May.

We've got a full slate of stuff to have done on the trailer, both maintenance and upgrades, so watch carefully for the next few days. We'll also be catching up with some friends. So even though it's cold, it should be interesting and fun.

Sorry no pics today. But yesterday I uploaded a lot of photos from our recent adventures, to our photo album. Check 'em out!


Glad to hear that you made it safely to TX. We worried about you traveling in that mess! The snow/ice stretches all the way from there to Ohio. We have 3 in. tonight. So we finally have a wintery blast! Our winter has been very mild up until today. Hope the new upgrades and fixes go without a hitch. We look forward to reading about them.
Larry and Lou

Yikes. It's cold all over. When I went out to the Ambassador this morning it was 22 degrees inside! And I'm in Northern CA!

Hope you guys can stay warm.

Take it easy. Let the weather ease up before heading out.

Too cold to run the heat pump? Please explain. I'm here in Texas too. Can't wait to get back to Florida. I've been following your log ever since we said goodbye at the Florida Canopener. Thanks for the New England tips.

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