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Counting the days

I'm counting down the days until Eleanor and Emma are back, and now there's only one day left ... I hope. Eleanor is still not completely clear of her cold. If she's not ready to fly Sunday, we'll have to reschedule their flights AGAIN. Needless to say, none of us are happy about this. We'll be thinking long and hard the next time we schedule air travel in the winter cold & flu season.

Tucson Bill H.jpg

This morning I met up with a fellow Airstreamer (and blog reader) at his encampment just a few miles from our site. Bill and his wife are parked in a slick 2005 International CCD 28 amongst the mesquite trees and creosote bushes near the Tanque Verde wash. We killed a couple of hours talking about Tucson and the area, and then I had to head out to go look at more houses.

Since I'm on my own, I am free to roam around and go do "guy stuff". On the way back to the campground I spotted the Pima County Fairgrounds and decided to go check it out. The fairgrounds have hundreds of hookup sites and apparently large rallies are held there. But more interesting was the nearby racetrack. I wouldn't have spotted it except for the sound of roaring engines.

Tucson motorcycle racer.jpg

With a little investigating it became apparent the races were free & open to the public, so I put the long lens on the Nikon and climbed up into the stands. There were virtually no spectators other than the participants themselves.

Just about every sort of thing you can imagine was racing there: drag cars, motorcycles, stock cars, jalopies, trucks, and some wheeled things that defied categorization. Many were (apparently) street legal cars that people just took out for a quick sprint. I saw some pretty mismatched races too, such as the VW Beetle versus the Chevy Camaro. Everyone was just out to have some fun on a typical clear winter day in southern Arizona.

Tucson Anthonys.jpg

This Airstream was not racing. In fact, it wasn't even open for business. I've been seeing so many converted Airstreams selling food & coffee lately that I've stopped taking pictures of most of them. I used to think there were only a few in the country, but really there are dozens if not hundreds. I've spotted three in Tucson alone so far.

Having time to myself has been fun but I am looking forward to being reunited and getting on with our adventures. Cross your fingers for us!


Here is a place you might like to visit, 100 miles north of Los Angeles.

Hi Rich -

Aside from the surprisingly quick low-end acceleration of the air cooled flat four engine in VW Beetles, that Beetle could easily win a race with a Chevy Camaro if they were engaged in Bracket Racing ( Basically a form of handicapping that allows the drivers to predict how quickly they will run the quarter mile. The winner is the car that runs closest to their prediction without going faster.


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