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Lightweight chow

We were going to go for a hike in the Dells today but the weather turned uncharacteristically gray with occasional light showers, so instead we've hung close to the Airstream. I've got a lot of editing to do on the Fall magazine anyway, and Emma seems entranced by her "Magic Tree House" books.

Prescott Emma reading.jpg

Eleanor took the opportunity to hunt up some groceries and when she returned I noticed how has been buying more dried foods lately. When we started traveling we had a large plastic bin filled with canned foods: soup, pie filling, tomato sauce, refried beans, condensed milk, pineapple slices, etc. You name it, it was in there -- everything a good cook needs. The bin weighed about fifty pounds.

Lightweight chow.jpg

I was thinking that since she has discovered dehydrated and condensed versions of a lot of the things we like, that bin would get lighter. But it isn't. Eleanor's kitchen never shrinks. I can't complain too much ... I eat well.

We have renewed our site for another two days. We just can't seem to leave Prescott, even though the weather is not nearly as nice as a few days ago. There's a lot to explore. Tomorrow perhaps we'll get that hike in the Dells. But in any case we will definitely leave on Thursday. Our site here is already reserved by someone else and there are many things we want to see on the way back to Tucson.


I know this is not a cooking blog, but does Emma try new foods well? I recall eating anything while growing up. But my six & seven year old boys are both picky eaters.


What is the name of the campground? We're passing through there the end of August. It looks nice!

[Answer from Rich: Point of Rocks]

If you want some more views in and around the Prescott area (including Sedona), take a look through podcasts 35 - 42. Been here at Point of Rocks nearly 2 months, and I've been loving it.

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