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Every time I fly I seem to find myself thinking I'd rather be in my Airstream. Today they confiscated my bottle of water at the security checkpoint, but I got an "atta boy" from the screener who searched my bag because I had all my travel-size toiletries in the TSA-proscribed clear plastic bag. When flying, one has to be grateful for the little things.

The reason for going against preference and flying is the annual WBCCI International Rally -- the big Airstream event. This year it is being held in Perry, GA, which is known primarily for its giant fairground that can accommodate thousands of RVs, and several hundred with full hookups. In Georgia, in July, the demand for 30-amp electricity to run air conditioners becomes paramount.

Just having completed that massive drive from Las Vegas to Vermont, I don't feel like a whole lot of driving for a while, and (strangely enough) Eleanor and Emma preferred to stay in the cool weather of Vermont visiting family rather than sitting in a reportedly sugar-ant-infested fairground in Georgia. But I have actual business to do at the rally, so here I am awaiting an Airbus A320 to pick me up at JFK.

It will be an interesting two weeks. Lots of things happen at these rally, and the best things aren't on the program. I've got meetings scheduled, of course, but I also came loaded for bear with all my photo equipment, including tripod. The plan is to capture some good Airstream images and especially a few night shots. I'll also hopefully bag a few articles for upcoming issues of the magazine.

First things first. This next flying bus will take me to Tampa where I'll be picked up by a vintage Argosy motorhome (for newbies, an Argosy is a 1970s Airstream brand, which looks just like a painted Airstream trailer). That's better than a limo -- bigger fridge and more space to stretch out. These Airstream things are handy in all sorts of ways.

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