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Anticipation and relief

This has been the longest stretch of thunderstorms that I can ever remember having in Vermont. Every few hours for the past six days we have had another one roll in and inundate us again. But tonight the blessed New England summer weather phenomenon arrives: a cold front, with dry clear air behind it.

These cold fronts are marvelous to experience. One day it's as humid as can be (and I mean that literally, since our dew point was 72 degrees today and the high temp was only about 79), gray, calm, and rainy -- and then a giant eraser comes across the sky to wipe the slate clean. Our stickiness vanishes in hours, with a thrilling blue sky above dotted with puffy white clouds. Suddenly, it's time to be outside, ride in the boat, walk down the road, hike in the mountains, and swim in the lake.

Charlotte gray lake swim.jpg

That's what the forecast promises. A glorious cold front is draped across New York state from north to south and it is heading our way, slated for arrival tonight. But in case it didn't arrive on schedule, Emma and Steve decided to take to the lake last night anyway. The water was cold (probably mid-60s) and the sun was hidden, but they still had some fun.

Charlotte Emma lake toss.jpg

This next item may not seem related, but bear with me here. This afternoon the dentist's office called with a last minute cancellation. So I zipped over and in 15 minutes they were prepping me for some fun fillings. Turned out I needed two of them and one was a doozy. Mucho novocaine. Suffice to say that I'm glad it's over and now I don't have to spend the rest of the month wondering when the dental call will come.

So today has been a day of anticipation, and turning the corner. The dismal weather and the boredom that comes with it are nearly gone, and the threat of drill-and-fill is over too. By tomorrow things will feel much different (for one thing, I'll be able to feel my jaw again).

Charlotte Eleanor nan.jpg
Eleanor cooks Indian naan

Now, if I could only eat dinner without biting my tongue ...


Rich, the Voice of Experience says being able to feel your jaw may not be entirely a good thing.
Also, if you want to talk about dewpoints, I would be happy if it was only 72, next time you are in Florida, I'll grab a sponge and squeeze a glass of water for you out of the air. Well, almost. least it's raining somewhere in the US...we're just waiting to dry up and blow away out here in AZ. But, think of how non-moldy the Tucson house will be! The naan looks divine (even if there's no chocolate or wine in it)

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