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Early departures

Although the rally officially ends on Thursday, there are always early departures. Quite a few of our friends took off for other spots all over the southeast today, leaving gaps like missing teeth in the trailer rows. Before many more departed, we took another look at the vintage area this morning.

Perry Fishers trailer.jpg

I'd like to get going too, but I need to stay here a few more days for the flea market on Wednesday. There's not much going on at the moment. The rally schedule is always light on Sunday and thunderstorms have finally moved in for real, effectively raining out any outdoor activities. Suddenly we've gone from having too much to do, to having hardly anything to do except the laundry.

We did meet up with Jim Breitinger, who began full-timing in his Airstream two months ago and is roaming the country selling meteorites. That's what he said, but when we visited his booth inside one of the fairground buildings today, we found he also sells amber, jewelry, many types of polished stones, and books. I couldn't resist a piece of amber with a nice big bug in it, for Emma, and I may go back for a piece of jewelry for Eleanor too.

Perry flame job.jpg

It suddenly feels strange to be here. Our major meetings are all done, and our friends are hitting the road at an alarming rate. Colin & Suzanne decided to head for the Outer Banks, so they packed up and disappeared today. Adam & Susan needed to get back to work, and are catching a flight out. Wendimere and Bill hit the road early this morning. All our friends at Airstream left a couple of days ago. Our friends in the New England Unit, caravanning together, are going to Ashville NC tomorrow.

There are plenty of people left, but it does feel lonely tonight as the lightning flashes outside the window. I thought we'd be busy on Monday but there are fewer options than anticipated. The Bluebird factory, a tour we had been looking forward to, is not open due to reorganization. The Microcar Museum, another interesting spot, is closed for the summer. Lane Packing, a nearby peach orchard, is not packing at the moment. All of the downtown stores in Perry are closed on Mondays.

I'm looking at the official rally schedule, but it's no help. Golf, Line Dancing, Unit Leadership Workshop, Vintage Club Board Meeting, Party Bridge, Genealogy Club Meeting, Jewelry Making, CB Seminar, a prostate seminar, Computer Class ("Publisher"), Teen Queen practice, Craft Workshop, Knitting ... water, water everywhere but not a drop to drink.

When this happens, it's time to look a little more closely at the little things. There's a very local drive-through chicken & seafood place down the street that looks interesting. We can check Macon again for its little attractions. Maybe it's time to drive down to the National Prisoner of War Museum.

Perhaps someone will drop in Monday or Tuesday and surprise us? Maybe a spontaneous road trip will be proposed? Otherwise, it might be a long day in front of the laptop, listening to the rain drip on the aluminum roof. Seems like a shame to spend an entire rally day just working.

Perry night trailer2.jpg


Hey Rich. Thanks for the posts on the Rally. For being a 'globally wired' world, you're the only one I can find posting pics and happenings about the rally. Thanks to your posts and phone calls to our friends the Younts', I keep up a little with what we're missing.

How many vintage trailers are there?

USA Today has a long article on Airstreams including references to the Perry Rally at

It also has a link to a video tour of Paul Waddell's '66 Safari.

The National POW museum is a worthwhile trip. We went there on our way back to FL. We could only stay one day, Saturday, and spent all our time in the delegates meeting and with the FL unit. We met up with Wendy and Bill but missed you. See you next time.

Hi Rich,

We enjoyed a lunch at the historic Perry Hotel one day and then we did a road trip with other NEU Caravan members to Atlanta to see the fantastic Georgia Aquarium and to have a late lunch at a well known hamburger joint "The Varsity".

Thanks for saying you are friends with the folks in the New England Unit too! It's a great group of people (even if I'm one of them).

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