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It's all over but the flea market

This year's rally fell awkwardly on the calendar. By the club's constitution, the International Rally must encompass both Canada Day (July 1) and Wally Byam's birthday (July 4), and this year July 4 is a Wednesday. This has caused the last three days of the rally to be rather quiet.

Although there are scheduled events through Wednesday, many people chose to leave on Sunday or Monday. Working people tend to focus on extended weekends. Some people have another week free, but they decided to spend it traveling home slowly. And for some, the main excitement was over by Sunday and they just went home.

Perry storm clouds.jpg

Tomorrow's flea market is the last major event that people will stay to attend. This is a giant swap meet where you can find that elusive vintage part, an aluminum casting, some cheap paperbacks, crafts, and junk of all kinds.

Of course, you can also find Airstream Life magazine there. We take a double table and sell hats, shirts, magazine subscriptions, and those prized back issues. Brett & I will manage the table for a few hectic hours and then, once the crowds have abated, I'll be hopping into the little Honda Fit for the 1,200 mile drive home.

The roadtrip plan is to try something different. I have a small tent and a sleeping bag. If I can find convenient spots along the way, I'll get to tent camp for the first time since 2003. It should be a fun change and a good chance to regain my perspective on camping. So for a few days, this blog will switch (once again) to something a little bit different...


You should stop by Caesar's Head State Park off Hwy 276 north of Greenville, SC and the visit Dupont Forest and camp in Pisgah Forest just north of Brevard, NC.

You won't want to leave.

Thank you so much for sharing the rally with us! I enjoyed reading along. Can't wait for our next issue of AL!

Have fun creating the rally issue!


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