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Townshend VT youth rally

Sorry we've been out of touch for a few days. We've been attending a Youth Rally in Townshend, VT, and the campground was in a valley where cell phones don't work and wi-fi doesn't seem to exist. So, I took a few days off ...

Townsend kids.jpg
Kids awaiting judging of their pumpkins. Everybody won!

The rally was spectacular. Fabulous fall weather, colorful foliage, and real fun for the kids, who were numerous. We had kid-themed dinners, a hayride and ghost stories, bonfires every night, a pumpkin-carving contest, and just plain great fun with great people. I have to acknowledge the efforts of Doug and Jamie (a blog reader!) and Robin & Richard, who co-hosted the event. Nice job, guys!

Townsend judges.jpg
Our three pumpkin judges: Pamela, Elaine, and Michelle

We saw a few old friends there, and made a few new ones. Donal and Amanda showed up in Vintage Thunder, the blue/green Argosy trailer that we used to own. I checked the trailer out and she seems to be in fine shape. Her new owners are very happy with their purchase. We'll be courtesy-parking with them in a few days.

Gail Buck.jpg
Gail Buck and her pink-themed Airstream

We also met J. Rick Cipot and his future bride, Sandi. Rick will be contributing to a future issue of the magazine. He's a former photographer for National Geographic and a high-grade Airstream nut, like the rest of us.

Rick Cipot.jpg
J. Rick Cipot gets a kiss from Gail's dogs

I've posted many more pictures on our photo album. By the way, our Google Earth location for this past weekend can be downloaded here.

Tonight we are in Bridgewater, MA, courtesy parked at Mike & Bonnie's house. They've got a nice paved and flat driveway with plenty of room for our little traveling circus. We last stayed here two years ago, in the Argosy. We've got plenty to do in the area, so we may be here for three nights or more.


Thanks so much for making memories with us, and for sharing your great pictures via the blog.

Wasn't it great that we didn't have to call in the Cat in the Hat for this one?!

Happy travels to you.


Rich, it was nice meeting you and family.A great Rally,may good luck,follow you where ever you travel.Firedog.

What you witnessed at this rally is the new WBCCI - if you build it they will come!

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