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A Quick Peek at Ft Worth

With the trailer not ready to go and the dealership closed on Sunday, we had a day free to go wander. Unfortunately we had not had a chance to do any planning, and Weathersford is a small town without a lot to do in it. On David's advice we tried the Fort Worth water gardens but they were closed for renovations. Ugh.

So we went downtown to the Sundance Square area. Sundance Square has some very interesting architecture that is worth seeing. But in addition, they've dressed up a few buildings with trompe l'oeil paintings, to make them match the elaborate designs of the buildings around them.

Ft Worth trompe.jpg
Everything but the windows in the building on the left is painted on

We spotted two great examples. I believe there are more also, but we didn't explore the area thoroughly. Spotting trompe l'oeil was interesting for Eleanor and I, but not so much for Emma. She had trouble distinguishing real from fake.

Ft Worth trompe 2.jpg
Which side is real and which is not?
Well, a few errands needed to be done anyway. So we had lunch out, washed the truck, and then headed off to the mall to pick up a few things. I bought a new DeWalt 18v cordless drill because my 9.6v Makita is not strong enough to operate certain parts of the Hensley hitch that must be tensioned when we hitch up.

We also finally broke down and bought one of those rear seat portable DVD players so Emma can watch a movie in the car during the long days of driving ahead. It is our hope that we can get from 5-6 hours per day to 8 hours once in a while when we absolutely must make time. It is MY hope that such occasions are rare, because I don't think touring the country should be about driving all the time. It hasn't been so far. Slower is better.

We also sampled the Weathersford flea market, which was about what you'd expect, plus lots of sheet-metal artwork depicting various symbols of Texas. Not a fascinating day there, either. I started to feel like this flea market was merely a trompe l'oeil version of others I have seen in other states. It was all rather two-dimensional somehow.

Not every day can be a wild adventure, and Sunday certainly proved it. But we are ready for Monday and our trip to Indiana. That's good enough!

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