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Decorating with photos

For six months we have been taking photos of our travels, and posting many of them online in our photo album. (You can see them using the link in the left column that says "Pictures".) But until this week, we've never printed a single picture.

This week we selected 29 favorite photos and burned them to a CD. We dropped by Walgreens and printed six of them as a test, then framed them in some fun frames Eleanor picked up at various local stores. All of the prints are either 4x6 or 5x7, which are good sizes for mounting on the walls of an Airstream travel trailer.

The outside walls of our Airstream are lined with a white fuzzy material that velcro sticks to. Hanging pictures on those walls is easy: just use adhesive velcro strips on the pack of the frame. The interior walls are a woodgrain laminate. We use double-sided tape to stick frames to those walls.

The photos make a huge difference to the interior of the trailer. Now it's much more personalized. It feels homier. Emma walked in the door today -- back from Vermont -- and noticed all the photos immediately. These are the best souvenirs that we can have. Every day we'll be reminded of the great travels we've enjoyed. I expect we'll be printing more of the 29 photos I selected, in the next few weeks. There's plenty of wall space left!


Rich, if you do get more photos printed, you can slide two photos in the same frame,one behind the other, and change them from time to time, to keep from having the same old pictures hanging on the wall. This will also save on having to make a place to store the photos, they can be stored on the wall.

Recently found at a Staples store:
3M Scotch Fabric Cubicle Grips
35 squares, 0.68 x 0.68 in.
Removable adhesive
"holds up to 1/2 lb (227g)"

The product works well on standard cubicle fabric, which is only slightly fuzzy. The removable adhesive should come off photos nicely when it comes time to put up new pictures. Haven't tried re-using the squares yet.

So with these you don't need frames -- handy for putting pictures on any of those curved walls. Also nice for posting Emma's art, or any "posters" that aren't the size of an available frame.

You'll have to give it the vibration test to see if the grip to the fabric wall is strong enough for road use.

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