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Cool window!

Literally. The guys spent all day yesterday working out the details of how to install the new "International-style" window over our dinette table. As you may know, late-model Airstream Safaris come with Hehr windows that are, shall we say, lacking when it comes to ventilation. We have long planned to replace one or more of them with the far-superior windows that come on Airstream International and Classic models.

RWA locker removal.jpg

To do this particular window, we had to remove the double overhead locker above the dinette, which necessitated disconnecting my Internet In Motion box, so I've been borrowing Rich C's Internet connection ever since.

RWA window fitting.jpg

Then we ran into a snag. Even though the new window is almost exactly the same size as the one it replaced, the corner radiuses are different. This required some careful work to put extra aluminum in behind the existing exterior sheet, in such a way that it would be hidden by the caulk when finished. David and Denver figured it out and their solution is guaranteed watertight.

RWA window comparison.jpg

The new window is frankly AWESOME. It is huge, opens completely, and looks great. Compare it to the weeny vent window to the left that it replaced.

RWA window done.jpg

I didn't post to the blog last night because I left my computer in Rich's trailer, and then we went out to have dinner with Paul and Annie Mayeux at their house. Emma adores their two daughters, having met them at the HOTC campout in Cleburne State Park last February. So while Eleanor and I toured their fascinating self-built home, Emma wore herself out keeping up with a 9 and 12-year-old. By the time we got back to the Airstream, it was 10:30 and Rich had gone to bed.

This morning David and Denver have finalized the window installation and put our overhead bin back together. I was underneath the trailer half the morning mounting up a flagpole carrier made from some PVC pipe -- this will hold the three flagpoles Fred Ettline gave me back in Charleston, instead of having them ride on the bed.

Denver is already working on our first Vista View and I expect to post again tonight with pictures of that. We are going to stay through Saturday morning so there's time to get the solar panels on, too, and hopefully Rich can get some work done on his rig as well before the weekend. Then, we'll head west and try out all the new goodies.


There are always compromises. The larger windows will give more ventilation but the tradeoff is having a screen over the entire window, which detracts from the view. Perhaps some combination works best with the larger windows for ventilation in locations where the view isn't so important like in the bedrooms, for example. Not so sure about the dinette location for us though.

The screen doesn't hamper the view as much as those dumb Hehr windows block the ventilation! I can't believe they use those puny windows in the new trailers. I like ventilation!!

Could you post a picture of the flag holder? I want to install one too (My flagpoles are on the bed like yours were!)

I originally requested Airstream offer the International style windows in the Safari 30' long before they SE package was introduced...they may have got the idea from me ;-). Anyway, I would love to replace all my Hehr windows with International windows (maybe at the factory). I live in Atlanta. How much did it cost to replace your window and how much was the addition of the Vista View.

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