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Disc Brakes

Finally, we're at Roger Williams Airstream in Weatherford, TX, getting our long-awaited upgrades. We pulled in around 11 this morning and it wasn't long before work began.

Pulling off the old drum brakes and replacing them went pretty quickly. We found the cause of some issues we've been having lately, too. Twice in the past week our brake controller intermittently indicated a short in the wiring. It also has been pushing the Armada to the one side when we brake hard, which is an unsafe condition. If we hadn't already been heading to the nearest Airstream dealer for a brake job, I would have immediately begun doing so.

RWA disc brakes.jpg

Sure enough, the front left brake wiring had come loose inside the drum and got pinched. A spot of bare wire was visible, which caused the intermittent short. It also may have caused that brake to work intermittently.

With the new Kodiak disc brakes, wiring failures will be a thing of the past. It's a hydraulic system, like your car. Our friend Paul Mayeux came by today to visit and told us that since he upgraded to discs on his Caravel, he can't imagine having anything else.

I'll have more pics of the installation tomorrow.

Rich Charpentier also caught up with us today. If you follow his blog, you know he's been driving down from Massachusetts to meet us here in Texas. He's in an Airstream Safari 25. We'll be caravanning together, off and on, for the next couple of months. We're all looking forward to heading into the desert as a caravan in a week or so.

Tonight we are both parked behind the dealership. Eleanor bought a disposable barbecue grill and we cooked up some steaks, and now she, Emma, and Rich are playing Uno in Rich's trailer. I have a feeling everyone is going to get along just fine....

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