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Valley of the Rogue State Park

At last, the weather has cleared, the temperatures have risen, it has become a gorgeous day, and I've taken advantage of it by .... working at my computer all day.

You see, I made the mistake of drinking a glass of Coca-Cola last night at 6 pm and then taking pseudoephedrine (12 hour Sudafed) for the congestion around 9 p.m. The combination kept me up until 1 a.m. Got a lot of work done but sleep was fitful and I popped up again at 6:30 a.m. There wasn't anything to be done for it except get back to work, but Eleanor and Emma were still sleeping and so I needed to be quiet.

The upshot was that a few of my early-rising neighbors here in the state park were treated to the sight of me wandering around the trailer in my pajamas, gibbering distractedly on the cell phone to people back east. There goes the neighborhood.

Valley of the Rogue State Park.jpg

Such is the trailer life, sometimes. I've wandered around in my pajamas in more parks that I can count. I think all modesty about such things was lost about 18 states back, somewhere in Nebraska last October. I am only glad that the button-down people sitting in their cubicles that I am occasionally chatting with can't see me.

So although today was a miraculously beautiful day, calm and temperate, I spent most of it inside the Airstream. Eleanor and Emma went out to re-provision the trailer, and of course then it all caught up with me and I got a blissful nap. There's nothing better than a nice sunny afternoon nap in the Airstream with beautiful views all around.


The rest of us are just glad you don't sleep naked

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