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Pasco, WA

We are off again, heading east again. I'm glad to have the rally behind me, even though it was great fun, because after a few more days of that schedule I'd probably end up sick. The last three nights I got only about 5-6 hours of sleep.

Lack of sleep made towing today less fun than it should have been. I-84 runs through the Columbia River Gorge for over a hundred miles, and every inch of it is scenic and wonderful. Wind funnels down the valley and skims the top of the wide river, creating whitecaps and perfect conditions for windsurfers and kitesurfers. Marvelous bridges cross to Washington state periodically, and often there are high walls of rock with cascades tumblng down alongside the road. Barges and paddlewheel boats can be seen floating down the river. It's not just another dull strip of Interstate highway.

Columbia R stop.jpg

Adam and Susan caravanned with us for most of the drive, but Rich C left early (as usual) and Carol was somewhere in between. By 4 pm we were all at the campground, which is a lush and green oasis on the banks of the Snake River in the midst of the high desert.

It was hot when we arrived. This Corps of Engineers campground has a small beach on the river and a roped-off swimming area in the cold water, so everyone except Rich C and Carol jumped in.

Photo by Carol

Eleanor and I did take a few minutes to unfold the new Birdy bikes and test them around the campground. We also had a quick meeting with Rich C and Susan to plan our route for tomorrow. We're definitely winging it, since tomorrow's route is completely different from the plan we had this morning.

I'm not the only one who is tired. We're all taking it easy tonight, eating leftovers from the last few barbecues and restaurants, and staying inside to watch movies. Tonight will be an early night.

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