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Starting the checklist

While scanning some old documents and photos that we found in storage, I came across this picture:
scaled.Rich and Mary Halvey bicycle photo.JPG

That's me, circa 1993, when I was busy leading bicycle tours all over eastern Massachusetts for the Boston Ski and Sports Club. My friend Mary Halvey is posing with me. It's funny the forgotten times that resurface when you dig through the old boxes.

Brett has returned home, reluctantly. I think he enjoyed his little leaf-peeping trip here. Eleanor and I are in the frantic final days of preparing to head out for another 6-8 months of life in the Airstream. Last night we went to storage and met people who wanted furniture. We sold two pieces, and gave two others away. That was enough for us to easily consolidate the remaining things in ONE unit -- so we've finally accomplished our goal there. We'll resume work on culling down our stuff next summer.

There are many things to do before we go, so we'll both be working on our list all day today and tomorrow. Today we'll be cleaning the trailer, packing the last few items we are leaving behind, re-organizing, getting a new driver's license at the DMV, and checking all the trailer systems (since it has been parked for a month). I'll try to list some of the trailer-specific things as we do them since I know many of you are interested in the checklist.

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