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New Years Day

Things have turned Florida-lovely today, with blue skies and upper 60s temperatures, so it was a very nice day for a walk along the boardwalk and the beach.

Henderson BSP boardwalak.jpg

Along the beach just east of the State Park are several buildings that appear to have been either inns or condos. They are barricaded now, rendered uninhabitable by storms. The buildings were placed directly in the line of natural sand dunes, which are supported by sea oats. The buildings killed the sea oats, and so when a storm arrived, the dunes washed away -- along with the undersides of the buildings. Now the building code is different, so I've been told. Along the state park, sea oat replantings are underway.

Henderson BSP sea oats.jpg

This is a really beautiful state park, an oasis of nature tucked into the middle of Destin. The surrounding landscape of dunes, palmetto, pine and oak is relaxing and full of character. Even though we are only a few hundred yards from busy Rt 98, it seems far away.

Henderson BSP domestic life.jpg

It was also a fine day for some domestic activities, including home schooling and sewing. Yes, we travel with a sewing machine lately. It rides in the back of the truck, taking the space formerly occupied by the generator.

Henderson BSP friends.jpg

This afternoon our friends from St Augustine (Steve, Misty, and Brianna) arrived, and we hosted dinner for them. I'd tell you what we ate but Bobby says I need to stop talking about the food so much. (He's getting hungry up there in Virginia.) You'll have to use your imagination!


I recognize the spot. We stopped there last March on the return trip from Orlando.

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