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Switching sites

Well, back to work. A full day of business, interrupted only by a move from site 3 to site 18.

That's because we booked our visit here in two separate sessions on ReserveAmerica, and so we ended up with different sites. This actually worked out well since this is a water/electric campground (not full hookup). We took the opportunity to dump the tanks before settling back in to our new spot.

Our technique is simple: on a day when we expect to have the opportunity to dump the tanks, we all take showers right before. This ensures there's plenty of gray water to flush the hose, and also puts us ready for several more days of limited gray capacity in case we need to dry camp again. We did this on Saturday while parked at the day use area here, waiting for our site to open up. Once in Illinois at a very quiet campground in the winter (Kickapoo State Park), I remember Eleanor showering while we were parked at the dump station. There was nobody around, so we figured "Why not?"

Now we're in the new space with empty holding tanks, and easily ready to stay here through our departure on Friday. We know exactly what we can do & for how long, and so there's no doubt about our ability to dry camp here through Friday.

If you experiment and learn how far you can go with your gray and black tanks, you'll have much more comfort using your trailer in all sorts of situations. I feel bad for people who only stay in full-hookup campgrounds because they aren't confident of their rig's limits. You miss out on so many great places! It's worth the effort to learn your capacities and how to maximize your resources (water, holding tanks, and electric).

Henderson BSP full moon.jpg
Full moon tonight and yesterday

This evening Bill called to say that he and Wendimere would be up for the rally on Saturday, which is great. That makes something like 38 Airstreams coming, and nearly 80 people. Also the weather is looking better every day. At this point we are expecting 70-72 degrees on Friday & Saturday, when most people will be here.

Henderson BSP sunset water.jpg
Sunset over the Gulf of Mexico

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