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Last night we culminated our visit with dinner at the Squire Creek Country Club with Jody and Joe. Well, we thought this was the end, but things are turning out differently.

Ruston SQ dinner.jpg
Dinner with Joe, Jody, Eleanor, and Emma

Eleanor and I were up late last night examining the weather forecasts, trying to decide whether to go or not to go to Weatherford TX in the morning. There's a frontal boundary draped across I-20 just west of the Texas border, and it is moving slowly. Here, it is in the 60s heading for 72 degrees today. We ran the air conditioner last night. But we'll be getting heavy rain all weekend, so it won't be much fun.

Ruston weather map.jpg

On the other side of the front in Texas, it is another world: about 30 degrees with ice forming. I called David Tidmore (of Roger Williams Airstream) on his cell phone this morning, and he reported that his shop is closed today. He said, "We're having an ice storm. You would be more than insane to come here today." OK. Towing on ice is bad enough to stop us, but towing on ice in the Dallas/Ft Worth metroplex is a nightmare I don't even want to imagine.

Although this decision might seem clear-cut, it was actually tough to make until I spoke to David. We had plans to courtesy park with our friends the Mayeux, and it would have been really fun. I wanted to go for it. It was a big disappointment to call our friends and tell them we weren't going to see them. But "get-there-itis" will kill you. When you're on a trip, keep this in mind. No matter how many plans will be upset by cancelling a trip, it's still less disruptive than an accident on ice.

There's not much point in going halfway, either. Between here and Dallas/Ft Worth metroplex there are some campgrounds but nothing we really feel like visiting in near-freezing temperatures and rain. Better to stay put in rainy warm weather, where we know a few people and can do some errands.

So we'll be in Ruston two more days. Who would have figured this would become a major stop? I'll go find propane, clean out some stuff in the trailer and ship it home, and we'll watch movies and do some home schooling. Eleanor has a major blog entry to share with you as well ... which you will not believe. We'll post that later this weekend.


Just talked with another friend in TX Rich. 14 degrees with wind chill. That's what she's reporting.

Stay warm!

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