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Touch of fame

We're still waiting for the Dallas / Ft Worth area to get out from under that ice storm. The word from our on-the-spot reporters is not great: continued rain and ice expected into Monday at least.

We got a taste of it, but nothing serious. It rained all night. The rain stopped this morning and while we were in the matinee watching "Charlotte's Web," the skies parted to give us a reasonably nice 72 degree day. The lake flooded a little from all the rain last night, covering some of the bike path and all of the docks, but since all the campsites are located about 20 feet above the lake level, we're in no danger. I can't say the same for the people of the D/FW area, where patchy ice and frozen bridges are undoubtedly wreaking havoc.

While were at the theater today ordering a gigantic bucket of popcorn, the staff came up to us waving today's Ruston Daily Leader. "You're the family in the newspaper!" Yep, there we are on page 8A (Business Section), under the headline "Taking your business on the road". Another small-town Ruston moment.

Click here to download the
article as PDF (612 kb)

Will we be on the road in the morning? It's anyone's guess, but I wouldn't be surprised to be here another day.


Sounds like you have a decent shot in the November elections. Have you made your formal announcement yet?

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