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A sunny day indoors

We are already right at home here in Tucson. We're learning our way around town, getting to know the local events, attractions, traffic patterns, stores, etc. And it would be impossible not to like this weather: sunny, crystal clear, 70s, and dry.

This morning a blog reader dropped by: Mike Young. Mike has been following our blog for a long time, and commenting too, so it was fun to finally meet him in person. He and Rosemary will be here at the park through Wednesday, so we'll get together for something fun tomorrow.

Tucson Beaudrys trailer.jpg

But our visit was shortened by the fact that today was a work day. Other than Mike's visit, our adventures have been limited to a bike ride around the park after work. Emma is still reveling in her ability to ride a bicycle, and after a day at the computer a bike ride is just the thing to relax.

I don't mind working all day when the sun is shining in the open windows and the warm breeze is blowing. You'd think a beautiful day would be enticement to go outside and play -- and it is -- but sometimes it's also just as nice to put on some music, work at the table and look out at the mountains. Eleanor made another batch of lemonade from the fallen lemons of our tree, and suddenly it felt like summer.

An Airstream can be marvellously relaxing even on a work day. There's something about the interior curves of the space that makes it feel like a cozy secret getaway. My secret vice is to wait until Eleanor and Emma are out on errands, and sneak a nap in the afternoon between tasks. Sleeping in the Airstream on a warm sunny afternoon is as relaxing as a massage. For the record, I didn't do that today, but .... I would have liked to.


Where do you store your folding bike and Emma's bike while traveling?

We are a family with three children and looking for ways to transport our 2 adult bikes, son's bike, tag along, and a Burley (child's bike trailer). Roof rack will hold some of it on our vehicle but looking for other ideas.
Stacy Taylor
Shawnee, KS

With a trailer your options are limited. We used to keep our bikes on the roof rack but they got dirty and rusted quickly. Now we have a pair of Birdy folding bicycles for the adults. See They fit nicely in the back of the Armada and they stay like new. Emma's bike, being a very small child's bike, fits there too. When she gets a bigger bike, we'll store it on the roof rack we already hav

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