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Super Bowl in the park

One nice thing about this place is that there are fruit trees all around: lemon, orange, or lime. Every time we've been here, the lemons have been ripe and we manage to collect enough drops to make tangy lemonade.

Finally -- beautiful weather. 70s and clear sunshine is predicted for several days. We took the opportunity to check out some local real estate. (The Catalina Foothills area is beautiful, but we also saw some nice in-town bungalows from the 1940s.)

Tucson Beaudry cycling.jpg

Emma only cared about one thing, getting out on her bicycle. The roads in the park are pretty quiet, so it was a nice safe place for her to take me for a cruise. I think she's ready to step up to a real bike path now, and there are several good bike paths around Tucson to try.

Tucson superbowl.jpg

It's a measure of how much I don't care about football that I wasn't wasn't even aware it was Superbowl Sunday until someone mentioned it this morning. But back in the RV Resort, everyone seemed to be geared up for super-TV-watching.

A lot of Class A motorhomes are built with big outdoor TVs mounted on roll-out trays in the lower section. These always struck me as sort of ridiculous, but to each their own. Tonight several motorhome owners are sitting outside watching the Superbowl, despite the evening chill. I guess if you have an outdoor TV you need to use it for an event like the Superbowl, even if it would be much more comfortable watching the indoor TV.


"It's a measure of how much I don't care about football that I wasn't wasn't even aware it was Superbowl Sunday..."

Bravo! Interesting, is it not, that as time goes by the attraction of Stupi... (oops: Super...) bowl migrates away from the game and toward the ads and the food ?

Wasn't the Honda ad a real yawner!

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