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Mountains on fire

Yup, Eleanor has the cold too. I was thinking that being sick would eliminate the chance of any adventures, but what it has really done is force us to find the small adventures in our surroundings.

It has been cloudy all day, unusual for Tucson. But in the late afternoon the sun dipped below the overcast and gave us a show. Suddenly the Rincon Mountains, ten miles away, lit up red in the setting sun. For five glorious minutes, the scene was absolutely surreal with flaming mountains and blue skies. I haven't seen anything like it since last summer in Gunnison Colorado.

Tucson Rincon sunset.jpg

Another resident of this park introduced herself and invited me to join their bi-weekly Camera Club outing on Thursday. I can't go because I have to shuttle E&E to the airport, but the thought was intriguing. We've never stayed anywhere long enough to join up with local clubs and organizations, but now there's a small window to do that.

And since we are actively looking at real estate here, we spent hours online today reading up on zoning, HOAs, neighborhoods, local construction methods, etc., in an attempt to understand the local market. So today was well invested even though we didn't go much of anywhere.

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