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Playing with fire

It was all work today, so our adventures were minimal. But midday we did get a chance to break over to JC Pizza and meet with Jennifer and Bart Housholder. This was a meeting that had its roots in October 2005, when we were in Jackson Center and blogged that "JC Pizza is closed on Mondays."

About a year later, I got an email from Jennifer saying that next time we were in Jackson Center we should drop in. I wrote back and said we would. This week, I gave Jennifer advance warning we were coming, and so today when we walked in we got a smile from the lady behind the counter as she said, "You must be Emma, and you must be Rich, and you must be Eleanor!" It was like coming to a familiar place at home.

The pizza was good and so was the company. Charon and Alex came with us, and Jennifer came over to our table a couple of times to talk. Like a lot of people we meet, she told us we were doing the right thing by homeschooling. She homeschooled all of her kids for years, too, before going into the restaurant business.

Since I was too busy running around all day with my laptop to carry my camera, I took no photos all day. But here are a few bonus shots from yesterday, when we were playing with fire at sunset.

JC eating fire.jpg
Alex demonstrates the technique ...

JC Charon fire.jpg
Charon practices lighting her tongue on fire

JC Rich fire.jpg
Rich cautiously attempts to eat a small fire without igniting mustache

Charon spent a few hours today moving this blog over to Wordpress software. We'll be working together on Thursday to complete the transition, and with luck we'll be running the new software by Thursday night. There are likely to be some differences in the blog for a while, until we work out the glitches, but I am looking forward to a lot of new capabilities that should make it more enjoyable for you to read.

Tonight a couple showed up in the Terra Port with a new Airstream 25FB, and managed to lock themselves out of it. For a moment it looked like they might end up in a motel for the night, but I was able to slide in through a storage compartment door and push up the bed from the underside to gain entry. They'll be getting a couple spare sets of keys tomorrow -- one of the things that was on their list anyway.


We asked for SIX sets of keys for that very reason! One for each keychain, plus two spares (just in case!)

Pam, the Aluminotti's godmother, warned us that the trailers were easy to get locked out of.

Neither of us could fit through that hole, so we banked on "the strength in numbers" option for us! LOL!

We hope to get ours home next week. (Ocean Breeze 27FB)

Just curious, I would love to get an opinion on the Safari 25FB. To me, it seems like a perfect floorplan. I like the dinette + sofa combo - seems very roomy. In a typical back-in site arrangement, perhaps having the bedroom at the front of the site would mean less privacy? I wonder. The door location looks a bit odd in comparison to most Airstreams. But, I suppose one would get used to it.


We have a 25FB, a 2006 with twin beds, as I'm 6'4" and could not fit on the RV size queen. We love it, and can fit several people in the living area on the dinette and couch. The dinette is perfect for watching TV (I'm working on a bigger screen have 15" want 23"). We have been on the road in this unit for a couple of weeks at a time, and the floor plan works perfectly.

Privacy is very good, as the windows are tinted. We keep the drapes pulled unless we want more light in there, but the skylight gives plenty. I'm going to change the opaque skylight to a dark one because it lets light in at sunrise, so much it wakes me up if in a sunny location. The twin beds have storage under them, as well as storage from the outside that is seperate. I would not want to change floor plans, as we like to drink our coffee early and watch the wildlife from our dinette. It's a floor plan that works for us. We seat 4 very comfortably at the dinette, and the fold up extention at the side of the sink adds counter space when cooking inside.

The door comes into the living area, and many RV's are starting to locate the entrance toward the rear of the unit, as it's where the living room is.

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