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Christmas Goodies!

Two little things for you today: (1) I've posted photos to the previous entry from Pinnacles National Park. See below.

(2) Since I'm feeling in a Christmas mood, here's a deal you can't refuse: I'm going to send you a FREE 5-song sampler CD from the Trailer Park Troubadours' current album "Trailercana". I've been listening to it today, and it's great! Funny and musically great. I love the songs: KOA Refugee, I Married Up, etc.

So here's the deal: be one of the first 100 people to post a comment on this blog entry with your name, city, and state, and any comments you might have. For example, "Rich Luhr, Charlotte, VT -- hope you get back to California soon!" (For privacy, don't put your full address in the comment.)

Then use our Contact Us form to send me your complete name and address in the "comments" box. I'll mail you a FREE 5-song sampler CD. Happy holidays!

Why am I doing this? Well, I had a bunch of the CDs made up to give to people we meet along the road, and I figure those of you who can't meet us along the way should have a chance to get one, too!

Otherwise, there's not much to talk about. It's 20 degrees here and windy. I miss my Airstream. But I can tell myself that next week we'll be returning to "our vacation home in Santa Cruz California". Sounds nice.


Have a good Christmas - Santa Cruz and the Airstream will wait for you.

The offer of music on this cold and windy day in Ohio sounds great!! We are glad to hear that you are having a great time with family, but we will definitely look forward to more of your adventures.
Lou and Larry Woodruff
LaGrange, OH 44050

Hi Emma, remember me ?? I met you at the 2005 Homecoming. I even got to draw pictures with you on your white board in the Argosy. I hope you still have my Poster ("OBIE" ) . I am enjoying your posts during your trip across America .travel safe and have Fun !!! "OBIE" #2590 WBCCI

Following you and your family across the miles is fun and exciting. Where ever I am, I can enjoy being here and being there with you too! Your stunning photography and interesting travelogue is both a treat and an education. I especially loved seeing the giant redwoods. I had no idea of the scale of those trees until I saw Emma and Eleanor stretched out in front of them. Thanks for the tour and have a happy and safe holiday season.

Carol Baidinger
Lapeer, Michigan

OK OK, I can't think of anything to say except "I want one!!!!"

Stay safe, Happy Holidays

Ingrid Dayton
Alameda, CA 94501


Loving the blog! Can a Podcast be far on it's heels?

How are you liking the Armada? I've been pulling with mine for almost two years now and love it. It handles our 34 and 31 equally as well.

When will your adventures evolve to a Podcast?

All the best to you and yours in '06.


Hi you guys! It's been fun following you around the country. Making slow but steady progress on the Safari - I'm working on the interior now that's so cold outside. Hope you have a great Xmas! Di

Rich and all, please let us know when you are in Anaheim/Orange area. If you are able please stop by to look at our newest project, a 1954 double door 29' Liner.

Wow, Rich!
What a trip so far!
Sounds like you guys are fulfilling MANY people's dreams. Well, maye not today, with 20 degrees...but the trip and all...! Hoping your holidays are excellent! We would like to see you and your family again...up here in the northeast soon.

Great! Merry Christmas Rich, Eleanor and Emma from Rob, Zoe' Stanton and Bryce. Be sure to listen to our Christmas episode on that comes out around 22 December. We have a Mystery guest - send in who you think it is going to be!

Rich & Family - Thanks for sharing your trip with us. Wishing you a great Christmas & New Years continuation of your trip.
Wimberley, TX

Ten inches of snow here, aren't you glad you are not in Missouri?!? Happy holidays!

Howdy Rich, Eleanor & Emma!

Deb and I are traveling in Florida in your stead. We enjoyed Cedar Key (on the West Coast between Talahasee and Tampa) quite a bit. We are now in Orlando and it is cold and rainy (but no where near as cold as it would be were we back in . . .

Zach Woods, Lincoln, MA)

Rich & Family - I love your blog! Thank you for sharing your adventures with us. Merry Christmas!

Melanie Power
Edmonds, WA

Wow! If my count is right there are already enough folks for the 12 Days of Christmas - Is that tune on the CD?

Hippy Happy Holidays!

Adam & Susan Boston

Lots of people are living vicariously through you. Your adventure is a great gift to us all! Happy Hollidays, and "see you down the road"

Chuck Carroll
Rowley, MA

There ya go Rich. You found a way to get people to leave comments!!

Don't need the CD, pass it along to the next guy ;-)

Hope you are enjoying your vacation from your vacation! ;-)

Happy Holidays!


Hello to all,
Hope Emma is feeling better soon. I'm really enjoying reading about your travels. Very encouraging. Yesterday AM, it was -20 (yeah, Fahrenheit!) here, this AM not much warmer. DW and I are thinking this is the year to leave the "Rocky Mountain High" behind. I'd love to have your sample album, looking forward to the winter issue and more entries here of your travels. Happy holidays to all.

T Harris
Cheyenne, WY

Oh Rich, thank you so much. You've solved my Christmas shopping dilEMMA. Now I won't have to buy anything for my husband.

Rich, Eleanor and Emma;
I know you like California, but I can't think of a much better place to celebrate Christmas than New England and especially Vermont. Now I'm envious on two counts..
Mark Johnson
Bon Air, Virginia

Live the Dream! ... enjoying the trip with you ... Remember the Reason for the Christmas season! ... Merry Christmas to you all!
Fred & RutheAnn
Palestine, TX

Hi Guys, what a trip! Glad to hear all is going well :) ....Though southern traveling is okay there's no place like blessed VT at the height of winter.

Ever since being awakened by the Troubadours at 3am at my frst rally I can't imagine actually enjoying the music now. It would be like nails on a chalk board. Thanks anyway...

All my best,


Happy Holidays to you and yours, I've been following your postings every day mostly because I have found a one owner 27ft.1969 overlander international and am in the process of a good going over with the plan of an extended trip once I'm comfortable with it's condition. Thanks for the blog and the cd. Drive on!

Rich, the Troubadours are big hits in Santa Cruz County, so mail away! Nice to see the Pinnacles shots--Alice and I have spent a lot of time there.

(And I just got a good response on an article query about traveling there recently from an editor at the San Diego Union Tribune.) Have a great Christmas; I'm about to send you a PDF of our card.

Have fun, Tom B. Watsonville, CA

I really enjoy reading about your adventures on the "Tour of America". Many places have been added to my list of adventures I must experience within my life (in my Airstream of course!)

Save the CD sampler for another poster - I've already ordered the latest Trailer Park Troubadours "album" off their website.


Vermont seems like an ideal place to spend Christmas. I hope the rest of your journey is safe and fulfilling for you and your family.

Rich, you're going to have to have a post office following you around soon, if you keep giving this cool stuff away!

A Blast. Years later, July 2008. My Airstream is parked. I still have the dreams, and a paper shredder. I live in Southern California, and it is nice to see through your eyes. Thanks

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